Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my credit card been overcharged $25.00 post-wash/dry?

    • Your bank has placed a hold on your account, not the laundromat’s bank. As stated on the machines in the store, if your card appears to have been charged $25, this is a temporary hold placed on your account. Your actual charge will be settled within 24 hours. Sorry for any confusion.

Why do some driers charge more than others?

    • This is an incentive to use the bottom driers: they offer more dry time for the same price. Customers tend to use the bottom driers less often, and we want all machines to wear equally.
    • Some people wonder why the larger machines cost the same for less drying time. This is because the larger driers give less time per quarter, but dry the clothes faster for larger loads.

How much soap do I need to wash my laundry?

    • 90 lbs. and up machines INCLUDE free detergent and softener. No need to add more, we use high quality soaps for these machines.
    • Pay careful attention to the ratio for soap on your chosen detergent. Using extra may cause soap to remain in your clothes, and to over-suds in the machine. Less is more!

What wash and fold services are available at the laundromats?

    • Services are available to drop off or have your clothes picked up, washed, and folded at most of our locations. Call the service line at:978-825-0111 to inquire about prices for this service as you are connected to Rosa, Karen, or Yanelis.

What should I do if I lose money a machine or I if I have a problem while washing my laundry?

    • If you have an issue with a machine or any other matter while doing your laundry, you may call the service line at: 978-825-0111, OR fill out a refund request (offered in a boxed at each of our locations) with guaranteed prompt response and refund by mail.

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