Tips For Students

Tips for Doing Laundry While at College

Laundry in 5 Easy Steps

College students are independent, determined and resourceful but you can't keep wearing those jeans forever, and eventually you'll need to stop buying t-shirts. Never fear, check out these quick tips to make the experience easier.

College Laundry Tip # 1 – Plan a Time For the Task

Book laundry as a reoccurring event into your schedule, it's less likely to become a monstrous task. Plan to visit weekday mornings, weekday afternoons and Saturday nights (bring your friend), these times are generally quieter.

College Laundry Tip # 2 – Make Good Use of the Time

Stay busy while you're waiting for the laundry to run through. Read a book, watch a movie, or browse the web using free WiFi at selected laundry mats. It's a good idea to fold your laundry as it comes out of the dryer.

College Laundry Tip # 3 – Be Efficient

Try not to hog the washers and dryers. Fill up the machines to recommended levels whenever possible, especially the washer, fill dryer 1/2 full for best tumbling action and quicker drying. It helps to read the tags on your clothes and get familiar with what the various symbols represent. A few general rules to follow:

    • Use hot water to wash whites and sterilize your towels and bedding
    • Use cold water for any clothing that may shrink, including certain whites
    • User warm water for the balance of your laundry
    • When in doubt regarding the load size, always choose the bigger option - it's better to have too much water than not enough
    • Use the 'Medium' setting on the dryer unless it's obvious that you need to choose something else (for delicates)
    • Keep watch on the clothes in the dryer to be sure you're not buying too much time
    • Never put any clothing prone to shrinking in the dryer, especially wool

College Laundry Tip # 4 – Don't Forget About Your Clothes

Leaving your wet clothes in the washer too long will result in an unpleasant odor. And leaving your clothes in the dryer makes the next person wait needlessly. You might even find your clothes heaped up in a cart or on a nearby table. Be considerate and keep the laundry moving, by removing clothes as they finish their wash and dry cycles.

College Laundry Tip # 5 – Be Green

There are plenty of things you can do to be greener in the laundry center. Whenever possible, wash a full load of laundry. It's cheaper for you and uses water more efficiently. Select a cold water wash when you have the option, most quality detergent work fine in cold water. Use a “green” detergent (vegetable based like “7th Generation” products whenever possible. When loading the dryer, fill it 1/2 way – set on medium heat, overfilling wastes time and energy, while filling it with similar fabrics will cut down the drying time.

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